Reverse Mortgages in Stockton

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You have worked hard to reach the golden years of retirement, and you deserve to enjoy them with the utmost comfort and security.

Did you know that the equity you have built up in your home could be the key to unlocking greater financial stability and means over the years ahead?

With a reverse mortgage, your unrealized retirement dreams may finally come true.

What is a Reverse Mortgage?

A reverse mortgage lets you take out a loan against your home equity. The cash that you receive is available to you to use with zero restrictions.

You do not need to worry about losing your home with a reverse mortgage even though you are borrowing against your equity. If you want, you can remain in the home for the rest of your life.

With a Reverse Mortgage in California,
You Decide How to Use Your Income

You have complete authority over how you use the cash from a reverse mortgage. Here are just a few possibilities:

  • Pay for improvements or repairs to your home.
  • Put a down payment on a second home.
  • Buy a new car.
  • Pay for emergency expenses.
  • Catch up on old bills.
  • Create an emergency fund.
  • Pay for education or business opportunities.
  • Go on a trip.
  • ...Or anything else you want.

Most lending products can only be used for certain types of expenditures. So a reverse mortgage is a great opportunity in terms of truly increasing your financial freedom.

Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage in Stockton

California reverse mortgages include these benefits:

You can receive the money as a lump sum, but you also can opt for installments if you prefer. Another option is a line of credit.

The majority of homeowners who receive reverse mortgages do not have to pay taxes on the income from the loans.

All control over how the funds are used belongs to you. Nobody else has any say in it.

You never have to move out of your home. Borrowing against your equity using a reverse mortgage does not mean that your home can be taken from you if you fail to pay off the loan (see below).

Your reverse mortgage is not due until a maturity event takes place. This includes, potentially, the death of the last borrower. If that is you, the loan may not be due until after you pass. If you sell the house, that also would make the loan come due. So this type of loan is actually ideal for those who plan to remain in their homes for the rest of their lives.

Are You Eligible for a California Reverse Mortgage?

To apply successfully for a reverse mortgage, you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

Either you or another borrower on a reverse mortgage must be age 62 or older.

You must own a minimum of 50% equity in your home, and it must be your primary residence. You or another borrower on the reverse mortgage must also be the home’s owner.

All of your home maintenance payments must be current. During the application process, your tax history will be considered together with your income and credit score.

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gino comporato
gino comporato
21:15 19 Mar 22
Don Burns made the escrow process move 100 times faster. I had a good experience with Don and his team. They helped me purchase my first home.
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Kristen Frantz
20:58 06 Nov 21
Don was very helpful when I needed to refinance my home. Was very knowledgeable through the whole process!
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Ashley Wise
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Kelly Hasko
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My experience with HMLC has been exceptionally good, as a veteran, I would recommend HOME Mortgage Lending Co. knowledge of Veterans benefits and needs is a plus.
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Vanessa Medina
17:18 07 Oct 19
I had an AMAZING first-time home buying experience with H.O.M.E Lending! Don Burns and his assistant Paula were a joy to work with and made every step of the way extremely easy and stress free. I loved that I was kept informed through each step as progress was made, and I felt like my experience was customized, rather than feeling like "just another client." I will definitely be bringing my business back in the future! Still in awe with my home and the treatment I was given!
Ashley Acker
Ashley Acker
16:57 04 Oct 19
Don and his team will do everything possible to get you in a home you truly love! They are excellent at prompt communication, and were so kind and patient while we asked a million questions about the homebuying process. Few things are more stressful than buying your first home, and Don and Paula were so great and made it so easy. Don kept us aware of the rates and made sure to lock in our loan when rates were the best for us. He is an excellent agent, broker, and lender, and has SO much knowledge about every single step of the process! Thanks so much, Don and team!
Christy Werner
Christy Werner
16:44 15 Sep 19
Don and his staff at H.O.M.E. Lending went far above and beyond to assist me with a (by no fault of theirs) complicated sale of my home and purchase of a new home. Had it not been for Don and his staff, I would not be sitting happily in the home of my dreams right now. Don was a wealth of knowledge and a huge support throughout the entire transaction. His staff was professional, pleasant and amazing to work with. I will, without reservation, be recommending H.O.M.E Lending to my friends and family. I am very grateful that I found H.O.M.E. Lending.
Kevin Goehring
Kevin Goehring
19:13 11 Sep 19
I met Don Burns when he represented a buyer for a property I had listed. I was very impressed with Don's communication, professionalism, and attention to detail. In fact, I was so impressed with Don and the H.O.M.E Lending team that I have referred several of my clients to them for their refinance and purchase money needs. These referrals have all been pleased with the service and low rates. I have been equally as happy with the quick and easy closing and outstanding communication throughout the process. I have found that Don and the H.O.M.E Lending team actually care about their clients and offer a personal touch not found with the big banks.
Brian Frantz
Brian Frantz
21:21 04 Sep 19
I've found Don to be knowledgeable, always available and felt he really cares for his clients. I highly recommend Don and the H.O.M.E. Lending team!
Shari Cardenas
Shari Cardenas
20:08 20 Aug 19
Don Burns and company, we're all Amazing! Never had hubby and I thought we'd own. Don helped us with plan to pay credit and get a loan! I'm sitting in my new beautiful forever home!!! Thanks guys!

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